What To Do In A Dental Emergency

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

With all the activities a Colorado summer has to offer, a dental injury is always a possibility. It’s important to know what to do when you encounter one. Your Centennial emergency dentist at Ridgeview Dental is offering a few pointers to make sure you’re prepared.

Keep Calm!

The mouth and teeth, though resilient, are very sensitive. That’s why dental injuries are so painful. It may seem difficult, especially at first, but no matter what’s happened you need to stay calm. Don’t waste time panicking. Just collect yourself and take action.

If Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out...

Find the tooth, and gently clean it with water. Remember, the best place for a tooth is in your mouth. If you can, place it back in its socket. The moisture of your mouth and your own saliva increases the chances of the tooth surviving.

If Your Tooth Gets Knocked Loose...

A loose or displaced tooth is best left alone. Don’t touch it with your tongue, and try not to eat or drink anything until you get to the dentist.

If Your Tooth Is Cracked Or Broken...

Stop the bleeding by rinsing your mouth with warm water and applying pressure with gauze. If you can’t see a dentist the same day that the injury occurred, you can find dental cement at most drug stores. Use it to cover the tooth until your appointment.

Treat The Pain

Ibuprofen and acetaminophen will reduce swelling and pain. Ice is also helpful, as long as it’s not placed directly on the injury. Example: No ice in a toothless socket. But steer clear of topical numbing medications. Simply numbing the area will make it difficult to tell if you’re causing further damage.

And No Matter What Happens...

Call your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. Explain what’s happened, and get seen within 12 hours of the injury. Most dentists keep time open in their schedules to accommodate emergencies. But if you can’t see your regular dentist, find an emergency dentist instead. The sooner you address your dental injury, the much better your chances are of a full recovery.

Dental Emergency?

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